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This face massage creates an instant lift

This anti-aging massage relieves deep muscle tension. It stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The result? A lifted face, delayed wrinkles, and renewed radiance.

How to make this massage ?

Beauty gurus are categorical. An adequate anti-aging routine must be deployed at 360 degrees. Delaying the appearance of signs of aging requires a healthy lifestyle as well as adapted skin care and gestures. This last point is addressed by Abigail James, a British skincare expert with a worldwide reputation. The pro highlights an effective anti-aging facial massage in one of her videos. “It’s something I’ve been doing personally for years,” she explains, before adding, “There are many different methods of anti-aging massages. It’s not just a matter of following a prescription to the letter, but of working our face with our hands in the right way to achieve the best results.

The idea of the anti-aging facelift is to lift and firm the muscles of the face to fight against gravity, while achieving a glow in the skin: the unconditional glow. According to the pro, the benefits delivered by this type of massage are numerous. Among other things, she explains that it stimulates blood circulation as well as lymphatic flow.

Abigail James advises to proceed to this famous massage with a vegetable oil. The pro, on the other hand, bans “mineral oils that could clog the pores”.

Abigail James’ lifting massage

The oil should be warmed in the palm of the hands and then applied to the entire face, neck and décolleté. This is followed by a stimulation of the lymphatic zones in order to generate drainage. A circular movement from top to bottom targets the neck. The tips of the fingers then come to solicit the bones of the collarbone. The two thumbs are joined under the chin. They slide along the jaw to smooth the skin up to the ears. Pinching is done on this same area.

The cheeks are then treated with large circles in an upward motion. The objective is to smooth and stimulate blood circulation. Small circles should be drawn around the mouth to prevent the formation of fine wrinkles but also to give the lips a plumpness. The fingers slide from the corners of the mouth to the bridge of the nose to counteract bitterness lines. The cheeks are then lifted and held in this position for a few seconds, then the whole is pulled towards the ears. The cheekbones are then lifted in an upward movement using the palm of the hand.

The center of the face is then treated with a downward movement of the fingers from the chin to the forehead. The eyes are drained while the eyebrows are lifted in a circular fashion. The fingers make zigzag movements on the temples. This same gesture is repeated on the forehead to relieve tension. First from top to bottom and then from right to left. The pro specifies that the tensions do not result only from the muscles present on the face. They are deeper and also originate in the skull. Everything is connected. It is therefore necessary to relax this area with a few pressure points.

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