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Employment as a Private Chauffeur 

Anywhere you see a splendid private chauffeur, just know that a lot of training was involved. A private chauffeur is required to be an expert at what he does. An agency that is competent enough to recruit a chauffeur will understand how it all works. Morgan & Mallet International already has a list of requirements needed to get a perfect chauffeur for clients. With the number of years of experience in professional recruiting, clients would get the best domestic workers needed. 

The recruitment team offers VIP Chauffeur jobs all over the world. According to client needs, chauffeur job placements are posted on Morgan & Mallet’s job board. Job offers are posted according to the location, client’s desire, and all others. 

Factors candidates should consider while applying 

To be sure that you’re ready for a chauffeur job placement, there are some factors to consider like: 

  • Distance driving 
  • Type of car
  • Number of people being driven 
  • Type of position

Some chauffeurs are required to go to far distances. Some years ago, a client needed a chauffeur to take him around Mayfair in the UK. It is left to the candidate to decide whether they’ll be able to take the job or not. The type of car would also be listed for the chauffeur just to confirm if he can drive the kind of car. There are also indications about taking an entire family around the city whenever it’s needed. This would determine the salary of the candidate and the negotiation agreed upon between the agency and the client. It is also important to decide whether you want a full-time position, contract, or part-time position. 

Duties of a private chauffeur 

Many duties of a private worker are client-based. It all depends on what the client wants the prospective chauffeur to do. Some duties are unacceptable by candidates, while some are acceptable. That’s why the duties are indicated in the job posts on Morgan and Mallet’s job board for candidates to decide what client to work with. 

Here are some of the duties: 

  • Taking the client from the airport every time there’s a trip 
  • Picking up the client daily and driving them to work
  • Driving clients to meetings and appointments in different locations 
  • Maintenance of the car used in driving  
  • Ensuring the car is presentable in public and in good condition 
  • Being available for family members whenever they need someone to drive them 
  • Working hand-in-hand with other domestic workers to ensure everything works out for good. 
  • Maintain great teamwork with employer’s bodyguards
  • Run errands 

Eligibility Requirements of a Private Chauffeur 

To apply as a private chauffeur, the candidate must possess certain skills and work experience before considering an application. These requirements would only allow the work to be smooth and easier to accomplish in the long run. Here they are: 

  • A military background is required 
  • Must be a discreet person who is trustworthy 
  • Must have experience in the same field with references for proof (experience in driving luxury cars is important)
  • Possess a positive attitude at all times 
  • Must have a valid drivers’ license 

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