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What are the best parts of St Barts to stay in ?

Interestingly, St Barts has an alluring architecture; most homes are covered with vibrant Caribbean colors. No doubt, St. Bart is a small Island, but it is home to people from various parts of the world. Also, St. Bart towns are closely knit, and you move from one spot to another within a 30-minute interval.

In addition, St. Bart has a similar network with other cities in France and Europe. As a visitor choosing where to stay in St. Bart can become confusing because of the unique features each city offers. To access easy transportation and other fun, try and stay within these areas when you visit St. Bart:


The city of Gustavia may sound like a Nordic city if you hear the name for the first time. Amazingly, Gustavia was built in 1787 and has become a prominent city in St. Barts. The main port is located in Gustavia, built by the Swedish. One of the ways the locals protected the port in Gustavia was with the use of stones.

Furthermore, Gustavia has more than 3,100 residents, and an overwhelming number of tourists visit the town regularly. Some of the most appealing features that attract tourists are restaurants, shops, design boutiques, etc. The locals are warm and welcome.


From the St. Bart map, Corossol is close to Gustavia town. Both towns are on the southwestern part of the island. One of the amazing things about Corossol is that the little spot cove-like makes it private. Also, the historic nature of Corossol is suitable for tourists who want to explore. You will also find a lot of modern homes in Corossol. The waterfront in Corossol is dominated by simple homes. A walk through the night at Corossol is memorable.

Saint Jean

One unique thing about Saint Jean is that the beach is adjacent to the airport. However, big planes don’t land at the airport in Saint Jean. There are a lot of convenience stores, small markets, and cafes in Saint Jean. Also, Saint Jean is a hotspot for surfing. You can buy or rent surfing equipment in Saint Jean. In addition, you don’t need to visit Gustavia to get your basic needs; you can find them in Saint Jean too.

Saline Beach

On the south side of the island, you will find another beautiful town called Saline. Saline is a beautiful town but with a sense of remoteness. Even at that, nothing feels too far from each other in Saline. In other words, you will find the basic things you need in Saline. In case you don’t know, Saline originates from salt production. The beach in Saline is blue and quiet compared to others in St. Barts.


Gouverneur is located in the southern part of St. Barts. Interestingly, Gouverneur is gorgeous, and it is not too far from Saline. You will find an amazing stretch of sand in Gouverneur Beach. Furthermore, there are several apartments close to the beach. Therefore, you can view the coastline of Gouverneur Beach from your apartment.

Anse des Cayes

Another little neighborhood in St. Bart you should consider staying in is Anse des Cayes. Notably, Anse des Cayes is a nice spot close to the airport. Saint Jean and Gustavia are Other towns close to Anse des Cayes. Also, basic conveniences like a supermarket, etc., are available in Anse des Cayes.


No matter where you stay in St. Bart, you will enjoy a peaceful and fun stay. However, apartments in some areas of St. Barts seem more affordable than others. Stay in these parts highlighted in this article to enjoy more fun during the day and at night. Finally, you can buy or rent a villa in St Barth from any of the locations mentioned above if you want to stay longer. Apartments close to the coastline may be more expensive.

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