5 things people do that hinder their success

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Every day I see people doing things that I personally find quite crazy. They complain about being broke, being too busy, failing a class, etc, when they can change all that with just a simple shift of thinking. Here are five things that I have seen people do that hinder their own success.

  1. Blame their non-success on others If you aren’t having the success you want, it’s no one’s fault except your own. Why is it that people who are born with a fatal disease AND on top of that into a destitute family are able to have more success than a normal person can think of? Someone always had it worse, and there are always people who have it worse who succeed more than others.
  2. Believe that one must be “lucky” in order to succeed This is only true  in the sense that all successful people just so happen to be lucky. Every salesperson has those “one or two” clients that have made them very successful, right? This is true, but the untold story is how many people had to tell that salesperson “No” before those “one or two” clients became clients.Sure, some lucky people become successful, but it’s easier to control your success than to control your luck. To get luckier, take more chances. Chance is a numbers game: the more chances you take, the more likely it will be that one of your chances will lead you to your success.
  3. Learn from the worst We all know the types of people who are considered “lazy geniuses.” They sleep in class (if they attend at all), procrastinate to the last minute before even starting on that term paper, and party every day but still manage to get by in school.The funny thing is that there are a lot of people  who will emulate after this “lazy genius” and then wonder why they aren’t doing as well as they want to be in their class. Lazy geniuses are by and large circumstantial. A lot of lazy geniuses are not as lazy as they seem. What they miss in class they will generally make up for with studying at home. I know this because I was a “lazy genius” in freshman year of college, and during that time, I was on the dean’s list for engineering. But I also studied a lot when I was alone, something that no one really knew because well, I was alone.Of course, there are the lazy geniuses who do nothing at all… and they never excel in anything. They get by. And getting by is like, the opposite of success! So don’t learn from the lazy geniuses, learn from the people who put their head down and work their asses off, and as a result, enjoy the fruit of success.
  4. Pretend that they don’t need successThis one’s funny. I always see people who say, “Hey, I don’t need to be successful. I just want to get by.” And to be honest, I’m one of those people… when it comes to my mass transfer class. I don’t need an A+++ in that class; I’d be perfectly happy with a C. Not because I settle with mediocrity, but because the additional amount of time required to study for the class to raise my grade from a C to a B, or even an A, is simply not worth it in my opinion. I have other things to do with my time. Plus, I make up for the C with an A in other classes, so it balances out. But I digress.More specifically, I laugh at the people who say that they don’t want to be rich. And then I start ridiculing them when they complain about being broke.No wonder they’re broke! There’s a freaking conflict of interest right there. They don’t like money, but when they don’t have money, they complain.Are you seeing the irony?Here’s a tip. If a person doesn’t want to make a lot of money, they won’t make a lot. In fact, the opposite will probably be true. They probably won’t make much at all and they may struggle to make ends meet. Sad story, ain’t it?

    Well, to combat that… all a person needs to do is realize that there’s nothing wrong with making a lot of money. Greed is only when a person hoards money for the sake of status or just so they can have a lot. When a person desires to make a lot of money so that they won’t be, you know, broke, that’s common sense.

    It’s fine when a person doesn’t want to be rich, as long as they don’t complain about not being rich. However, oftentimes it is the people who say “I don’t wanna be rich” who are the very same who say “I wish I could afford…” Fill in the blank with whatever you want, it doesn’t make the person any less hypocritical.

    Oh, and while I’m on that…

  5. Get comfortable I’ve talked about the comfort zone before.  Once a person gets into the comfort zone, game over dude. That person isn’t going to move forward… he probably also won’t stay the same. He’ll probably move downward with the value of the dollar.Once a person gets into the comfort zone, he stays in the comfort zone. Until of course, he gets out of the comfort zone, at which point he will hopefully take action steps to attain his new standards of life.

After talking with a whole bunch of successful people and reading a lot of books on success, I have found the common denominator… it’s the thinking. People need to think like a successful person before they can become successful. I admit that I myself do not always think like a successful person; there are always times where I could be doing something so much more useful with my time, but I’m not. And of course, everyone is bound to make these mistakes time and time again, but it’s all about learning from the mistakes.


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