What is ResearchSolutions

ResearchSolutions is a solution for companies and scientists who want to easily access studies. As a company or scientist, it can be interesting to use research results. As a scientist, you can use the research results for your own research. For companies, the research results can be useful in other ways. However, the fact remains that it can be interesting to read about scientific research. There are many reasons for this. In practice, however, it is often difficult to access research. Fortunately, ResearchSolutions now offers the solution to make the right choise.

Finding complete studies is a challenge

It is often a challenge for scientists to read complete scientific studies. Often the conclusion of a study can be found, but as a scientist you want to be able to view an earlier study in full. If you are conducting research, it is nice to be able to check exactly how any previous studies were conducted.

How does ResearchSolutions work?

ResearchSolutions makes it very easy to find the right content. With the greatest of ease, you can find the right studies. You can also easily filter which articles you want to see. Do you only want to see content that you have free access to? Or are you willing to pay for a full article? ResearchSolutions offers the solution either way. Therefore, it is certainly not a bad idea to use this software. In fact, as a scientist, you often can’ find the latest insights easily without using this software.

Mer ResearchSolutions allows you to view any research easily. In addition, it becomes easy to see the right articles at the lowest cost. The software is also easy to use on your smartphone, for example. You can easily view various data of each article. For example, you can also see what the rights of the article are.

Trying out the software

Are you curious about how this software works? Then we recommend that you try out the software. That is relatively easy, because ResearchSolutions also has a free trial version. This trial version gives you the opportunity to try out the software for a number of weeks. After the trial version, you will have a good idea of whether the software suits your needs. In that case, you can decide to purchase the software after the trial. This way you can easily find the scientific articles you are looking for.

Many scientists use Researchsolutions

Many scientists and companies choose to use ResearchSolutions. Those who have to read or enjoy reading scientific articles, benefit greatly from the software. It is therefore not surprising that so many professionals decide to use the software. The software really adds value, especially if you are regularly looking for the latest insights. It is usually difficult to read the latest scientific articles in full without ResearchSolutions.

About Research Solutions

Founded in 2006 by visionary entrepreneur Peter Derycz, Reprints Desk started out by providing hard-copy medical reprints and delivering print journal articles on demand. In 2017, to meet customers’ evolving needs, the company shifted to a business model focused on electronic document delivery—and sold the medical reprints portion of the business.


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