How to use a crystal nail file ?

This “all natural” nail care conditioning system is the quickest & easiest way for you to grow long, strong, healthy, beautiful, shiny nails. (Remove all nail polish before you begin.)

Nail ridges, stains and other imperfections are instantly removed. Overgrown cuticles are safely erased. Your nails will have a beautiful shine that lasts and new smoothness to prevent snagging.

Pad #1
Smooth Ridges
and clean stains
Pad #2
Buf to velvety finish
Pad #3 Buff to a lustrous shine


Nail edge – Use the wide (coarse) end of the tile to shape the edge of your nail by holding the flat surface of the file perpendicular to your nail. Use either side in a back and forth motion. After your nail is shaped and free of roughness, switch to the narrow (fine) end and with the same back and forth sawing motion, smooth the edge completely. This helps protect your nails from breaking, cracking, fraying, splitting and peeling. The file can be used wet or dry.

Cuticle – With either end of the file, push back the skin at the nail base. Hold the file parallel to the nail to prevent scratching. Use the file end like a pencil eraser removing the excess dried skin. Avoid over-use or gouging the nail base.

Nail surface

#1 Clean the top of your nail with the dark gray (coarse) pad. Remove any ridges and stains using firm pressure and long strokes. If you have thin nails and deep ridges, use this tool sparingly. Deep ridges should be removed gradually.

#2 Condition the top of your nail with the white (medium) pad. Follow the same procedures as with the dark gray pad. This helps stimulate circulation and growth and prepares your nail for the final shine. THE DARK GRAY & WHITE PADS SHOULD BE USED EVERY 2-3 WEEKS DEPENDING ON THE THICKNESS OF YOUR NAILS. OVERUSE OF STEPS #1 & #2 COULD WEAKEN YOUR NAILS.

#3 Shine the top of your nail with the light gray (fine) pad. Use firm pressure and long strokes and watch how shiny your nails become. REPEAT #3, THE FINAL STEP OVER AND OVER TO RENEW YOUR SHINE. Repeat all 3 steps when the shine does not return satisfactorily.


Before you begin, make sure your hands are clean and free of oils or lotions. Store the file in its protective carrying case. The file can be washed with mild soap, water and a brush. Quickly rinse the pads under water, let air dry or pat with alcohol. Pad #3 may need to be cleaned more often due to more use.

Special instructions

Normal nails may be filed weekly. Frayed, peeling, and weak nails must be smoothed with the file 2 or 3 times per week. If your nails split on the sides, completely smooth the nail edge lightly. Check for snags by gliding your nail on a nylon or soft cloth. Keep the file handy, so you can repair any damage quickly. The best nail length and how often to use these tools can only be determined from experience and regular use.


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