How to make a wedding photo album ?

Wedding photo album

Most couples hire a professional photographer for their wedding, and this is a service which can include the fabrication of a high-quality wedding photo album.

But what does a wedding photo album involve, and how is it created?

There are a number of different scenarios you could find after your wedding with regard to your photographs. First I’m going to explain the steps you take when your photographer is to be compiling your wedding photo album. After your wedding, the photographer is likely to send you a proof album, which is a large collection of the majority of your unedited wedding photos. Proof albums traditionally used to come in hardback form, but thanks to the ease and convenience of the digital medium, these are gradually being phased out. The photographer will probably send you a digital proof in DVD form, or via an online gallery.

Wedding album styles

There are a number of album styles to choose from; your photographer may give you several options, or just have one preferred album method. All albums have covers made out of a material such as card, leather, metal or wood (something to bear in mind for your budget). Inside the album, various styles include Matted, where each photo is lightly taped to a mat, so your photos can’t be close to the edge of the page, whereas Flush Mount wedding albums have hard card pages so that a picture can be mounted flush against the edges of the page, leaving no blank space. The final common type is Magazine style, which is often digital and takes on the form of a magazine or even a comic book, employing interesting effects and borders. Magazine-style wedding albums tend to tell a story, and the pictures are arranged into collages similar to the ones we use here on our blog.

Digital print wedding albums are popular

Like with most aspects of the wedding photography business, digital forms are becoming more popular, and digital album printing is no exception. Digital hardcopy albums can take the forms of either Flush Mount, Matted, or Magazine wedding album styles all in one, and thanks to their relative ease of design and preparation, they are often cheaper. They are printed directly onto high-quality paper or card, but this sacrifices a certain amount of quality compared to film prints.

How is it made?

In the case of film, a photographer will develop your photos and assemble them in accordance with the selected album style. In the case of digital hard-copy albums, once a photographer knows your specifications he/she will get them printed either by an independent company, or with their own high-quality printers.

I don’t want my photographer to make me an album

Now if your photographer doesn’t include the production of a photo album in your quoted price package, they may be able to recommend a company to do it for you. If not, then searching out a company yourself may not be too bad an idea.

There are many programs that you can buy online that will make organising a series of wedding photos into a succinct and attractive photo album much easier. One such program is Pixum, a free-to-download piece of software that allows you to collate your album with ease, and then offers you a choice of photo album packages – from a budget £6 to a reasonable £70.


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