Dating Tips for Transgender Living in New York

If you are a transgender person living in New York, there is definitely a strong community for you. In fact, the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund estimates that there are over 12,000 transgender people who reside in the 5 boroughs of New York City.

These transgender residents live their lives openly, proudly and with many transgender-friendly sites and businesses located in the city. Understanding the transgender mind is not about the body, it is about freedom. Freedom from someone else’s judgment, freedom from a life of pain, suffering and secrecy, freedom from a society that teaches you from birth to be someone you are not.

Here are some helpful tips when you’re looking to hook up or get into a relationship.

Pick a Location Where Your Date Feels Comfortable 

The best advice I can give you about dating as a transgender is to pick a location where your date feels comfortable. For example, if you’re the one who is transgendered, try to meet your date at an LGBT friendly bar or restaurant where you feel safe. If your date is transgender make sure that they feel comfortable with the situation before you go on the date. If they’re uncomfortable then it will show and that’s not what you want at all. Go to a great place to date transgender woman in NY.

Be Clear About Your Intentions and Desires 

Be candid with yourself about what you are looking for in a partner, so you can make that clear to others as well. You’ll also be less likely to lead someone on if they’re not what you’re looking for.

Be Careful With Your Comments 

Never make comments about appearance unless it’s about something that can be changed (like clothing). Never say anything about being “deceptive.” It might seem like a compliment, but transwomen hear that all the time from people who are looking at them as objects instead of as human beings with feelings and thoughts of their own.

Be Respectful 

Respect privacy issues by not asking questions that you wouldn’t ask of anyone else. You may have read all the books and seen all the movies, but someone’s history is still private unless they tell you about it themselves, don’t assume anything. Also, be as honest as possible, transwomen are so used to having people lie to them.


New York is the best location for transgender people, I think. In New York, you can interact with so many people from different places and cultures, not to mention you can find many kinds of jobs. Many transgender people move to New York because they feel a lack of tolerance in their home countries.They are desperate for a change, without any idea how hard things will be once they arrive. In fact, New York might not suit everyone.

Most importantly, you have to have a lot of confidence in yourself once you come here as transgender. When you are transgender and single, your dating life is a little different. You have to deal with being transgender, as well as the normal pressures of dating. Many trans people find that it’s difficult to date when they’re first transitioning or after they’ve transitioned because they may not feel comfortable in their new bodies.


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