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What To Consider Before Buying an SUV

It seems everyone these days has jumped into the SUV market. While it used to be only the big name car makers put out quality SUVs, that’s certainly changed. Even Jaguar makes an SUV, if you can imagine! With so many options on the market, it can be hard for shoppers to know which one is best for their needs and family.

SUVs or sports utility vehicles are available in various prices and sizes. You could find one not much bigger than a regular sized car all the way to to the huge extended range versions which are actually built on pickup truck frames. And naturally, there’s the mid-sized models, providing the vast majority of consumers with plenty of interior space, decent petrol economy and plenty of horsepower. Smaller sports utility vehicles cost less and have the better fuel numbers, but you give up roominess and room for cargo. On the other hand, large models are extremely comfortable and great for towing a boat or trailer, but the petrol mileage make it a poor choice for the avid commuter. Additionally, they are harder to maneuver and have an overall greater cost to maintain.

So, the buyer is often left wondering, what should I buy? Consider this comment here as well as the tips below.

How many riders will you likely have?

If you’re the typical family of four, a small or medium sized SUV should be fine. Having said that, buyers should consider too, how many additional riders are likely. Are you a soccer mom who totes more than their fair share of kids to the games or practices? If so, you may want to consider a larger 3-row SUV. These models increas comfort and keep everyone from getting on each other’s nerves. However, if you plan on carting teenagers about, you might want to try the thrid row on for size, as not all are created equally. Some leave adult passengers feeling a bit cramped.

Will you be towing?

The family towing a camper or boat to the lake may want to consider a larger vehicle over the smaller ones. This gives stability to your ride and helps keep the towed vehicle safe in travel. Smaller SUVs may have the capability of towing, but you must check out the weights of the items being towed before considering this activity.