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Types of Custom Signage

When it comes to your place of work, you usually forget all about advertising and signs, but it is still important to remember and put up signs in this area of your workplace. You can have different types of signs put in and around your office through the use of custom lobby signs and many more.

Outdoor Signs

For businesses who have walk-in clients, it is important that you put up signs outside of the establishment so that your customers can easily find you. In order for your customers to recognize your business easily, your sign should have the same company logo, clear fonts, colors and other taglines that you use for your ads and marketing campaign.
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Standing Ground Signs
Since these signs are going to be placed outside, they will be subjected to changing weather, hence it should be made from durable and high quality materials. These types of signs should has two display sides as well as clear and readable fonts so that people can see it from a far and form almost every angle. You can choose from different materials like treated plywood, cedar posts and plastic displays with aluminum frame.
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Building ID
Another way to make your business more prominent is by having a building ID sign on the outer wall of your office building, this way it can be more visible to the passersby even from afar. You can have these signs backlit using an aluminum frame and have the sign itself made of durable plastic.

Interior Signs

It is also important not to take for granted the inside of your business establishment.

Custom Lobby Signs
You can have lobby wall signs of your company’s name, logo made of acrylic, plastic or metal and mounted on the receiving area of the office or usually the receptionist desk.

Office Name Plates
No matter what business you have, it is important that areas and different departments have door or area labels. While they are much simpler than the larger signs, these signs should not be taken for granted should still bear the same style of the other logos in the office.

If you want to achieve a more uniform look, you should have custom signs made from the same material used for your lobby’s wall signage instead of using cheap static on each of the department’s doors. Having uniform signs will give you company an image of being more put together and more professional for both employees and clients.

Once you find the right company to make custom signs for your office, you can achieve a more professional and credible look for your business without spending a lot of money.