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Important Tips for Repairing Your Asphalt Pavement For many years, asphalt has been used in paving parking lots and driveways. The material is very long-lasting, and it is also quite cheap compared to other materials like concrete. That said, asphalt also has its challenges, and it tends to break and crack under some weather conditions. Once your asphalt pavement starts cracking it’s important to repair it early before it gets worse. The the area to be worked on needs to be cleaned first before the repair begins. This means that you have to take out the weeds and grasses growing on the pavement. This is easy since you can either pull the weeds out or apply weed killer on the pavement. All loose asphalt on the pothole needs to be removed to ensure that the repair works goes one smoothly. Saw cutting the perimeter around the area to be repaired is important so as to separate it from the rest of the pavement. The next step then involves removing all the debris and cleaning up the base area. This then allows you to create a good foundation for the base material you will use to repair your driveway. You will then need to compact the material used for foundation by crashing it. After the base is compact it is recommended that an adhesive be applied to ensure that the new paving and the base are tightly held together. Whether you are doing this yourself or having a professional do it, it is important to follow these steps. Omitting any one of these steps could mean poor repair which would not last long.
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The asphalt is then applied once the area under repair is properly prepared. It is very important to make sure that the paving material is the same depth as the old pavement. Doing this ensures that your driveway or parking lot looks uniform. After the repairs are done, you need to improve on the resistance of your driveway by applying seal coating on the pavement. There are many things that damage asphalt from water to UV rays. With seal coating, you also get to increase the endurance of your pavements to the weight of your vehicle. Since the surface is very smooth, there is less friction which means that the tear and wear effect is reduced.
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After all the repair work is done, you need to stripe the parking lot or the driveway. Understandably, you cannot have a parking lot that is not properly marked; it not only make sure that your parking lot is neat but also organized. Lastly, you have to understand that doing the repair yourself and engaging the services of a professional will not yield the same results. So if you do not engage the services of a professional, you may need to do more frequent repairs on the asphalt pavement.