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The Latest Technology Driving Road Construction

Safety has always been the primary concern– be it in the construction site, on the road, or virtually anywhere else. The good thing is, as technology continues to improve, it has become possible to resolve this kind of problem.

Experts are even investing in revolutionary solutions that would allow them to create better and safer roads for people, and those who are in the industry. Here is the latest technology driving road construction.

1. Electric Priority Lane

The Electric Priority Lane is an innovation where electric vehicle users could charge up their vehicles while on the go. This can be done by just driving on designated lanes, as these lanes have magnetic fields that could charge a car while it’s being used.

This can be quite useful in countries, such as in Netherland where EVS are becoming part of the road. Furthermore, it would also give a guarantee that electric cars won’t have to undergo the dread of finding charging stations anymore.

2. The Use of Glow in the Dark Road Markings

Instead of wasting money on traffic road lighting or look for other lighting options there is, it would be ideal to invest on glow in the dark traffic road markings as this is a more practical alternative worth considering. The good thing is, such trademark is already available on highways around the globe.

These markings are produced using paint that has a photo-luminizing powder that charges up by using solar energy. They’re good for up to 500 m long and proven to glow for 8 hours every night.

3. Wind-Powered Lights

Although this might look similar to interactive lights, the difference is that wind-powered lights work using wind power– the pinwheels generate the electricity needed. This works by accumulating wind drafts from passing cars into electric.

This electricity would light up the lights on the pinwheels, which also implies that the whole path would be lighted up as well. Because it uses wind to power up, it would only work when cars are passing in the area.

4. Solar Roadways

Those who are in the construction industry are probably familiar with roads capable of storing solar energy. This is more than just a theory, as experts are working on a project that would allow them to put solar panels on glass roads with LEDs and microprocessors.

The beautiful thing about glass is that, not only is it renewable, but it’s also environmentally friendly as well. It’s even proven to be stronger than steel.

5. Superior Road and Surfaces

As the road faces high volume or heavy traffic, it’s essential for project managers to understand that ensuring the safety of both motorists and pedestrians is necessary. Technology made it possible to practice environmentally and friendly solutions using products and equipment that could be used for any purpose and condition.

For example, haul roads are subject to high traffic as well as heavy machinery, like tracking machinery and haul trucks.

Aside from using barricades, the use of products suitable for this type of road equipment is also necessary. Superior road surfaces focus on the concept of a maintained pavement, instead of the ultimate design principles used in civil construction.