The more prestigious the Special Edition Car

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Some sole agent (APM) utilizing Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) in 2016 to release a special edition car. Cars with more features, but the number of units and limited time sales.

One of them is a special edition Land Rover Discovery into a thief’s attention especially for 4×4 enthusiasts of this British-born in Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show 2016 in ICE, BSD City.

In addition, Land Rover Discovery brings Sports edition Black Design. As the name implies, Land Rover Discovery spares all in black. It looks more handsome because coupled with 19-inch alloy five split spokes in black, black emblem, as well as close-view mirror, side vents and grille are also all in black.

“Land Rover Discovery into the most advanced variant for driving on-road or off-road. Because of that, we felt the need to make design improvements,” said Roland Staehler, COO Grandauto Dynamics.

“Available exclusively in Land Rover … Read the rest

Keep Your Car Running Well With This Advice.

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When your car is having problems, you may feel at a loss when it comes to how you ought to proceed. If you are not wise as to how to go about auto repairs, now is the time to become educated about it. This article will give you some tips so you aren’t so overwhelmed if your vehicle has problems.

Do not underestimate the importance of having an emergency kit in your car. You can make your own; include things that you will have to have to put on a spare, add gas or charge the battery. It is also wise to include a flashlight, some fresh batteries, and a blanket in case your vehicle breaks down in cold weather or at night.

Keeping your car washed will help prevent rust. All cars eventually get rusted, but the process can be delayed considerably by washing off any chemicals or … Read the rest