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The Latest Technology Driving Road Construction

Safety has always been the primary concern– be it in the construction site, on the road, or virtually anywhere else. The good thing is, as technology continues to improve, it has become possible to resolve this kind of problem.

Experts are even investing in revolutionary solutions that would allow them to create better and safer roads for people, and those who are in the industry. Here is the latest technology driving road construction.

1. Electric Priority Lane

The Electric Priority Lane is an innovation where electric vehicle users could charge up their vehicles while on the go. This can be done by just driving on designated lanes, as these lanes have magnetic fields that could charge a car while it’s being used.

This can be quite useful in countries, such as in Netherland where EVS are becoming part of the road. Furthermore, it would also give a guarantee that electric … Read the rest

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5 Amazing Construction Technologies That Will Make The Work Zone Safer

The construction industry is starting to realize how technology could improve not only the productivity of workers, but it could also ensure their safety as well. For that reason, creative minds and experts have been working hand in hand to come up with technological innovations that are reliable and efficient.

Through this, construction projects can be completed in just a short amount of time, and the safety of everyone is guaranteed. Here are some of the latest advancements in technology that could make the construction site safer.

1. Smart Safety Glasses

More and more companies are implementing the use of smart safety glasses because they keep the workers safe. Aside from protecting the eyes of the workers against debris, dust, and other particles that could harm the eyes, smart safety glasses are embedded with a camera, as well as a projected monitor and Wi-Fi access.

Using this smart gear, … Read the rest

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