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Tips to Identify Legit Paid Surveys

It is very possible that you have learned about the chance to get paid for taking online surveys. You may not be convinced that this opportunity is legit. It’s great to be skeptical since if you are not, you will probably fall prey to scams that like to target individuals that are naive and gullible.

Paid survey scams do exist. But not all “make Money taking surveys” opportunities are scams. You can get paid for sharing your comments but you may be scammed if you are not careful.

It is probable you may not know how to differentiate scams from paid surveys, if you’re new surveys. But luckily, you’ve come across this article which will provide you the info you will need to help you identify and find legitimate paid surveys and avoid scams.
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How to Spot legitimate paid surveys
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Before you begin searching for legitimate paid surveys, you need to be able to distinguish the difference between one and a survey site that may be a scam.

Legitimate survey sites meet with all the following criteria:

Legal forms are present on website

Legal forms such as “Terms & Conditions”, “Disclaimers”, and “Privacy Policy” are prominently displayed on the website. These pages can tell you a great deal about a site such as the way they safeguard and use your private information, how they work, who is permitted to use their website, etc.

They offer free registration

It will cost you nothing whatsoever to join and participate on a survey website. Any site that requires a commission to be paid by you, either upfront or when you join, is likely to be a scam.

Never pay money to take surveys.

They don’t make unrealistic income claims

Earn $1000 per month taking surveys! Earn $50 an hour taking surveys! Get rich taking surveys! You won’t notice such claims on a legitimate paid survey site. Actually, most trusted survey sites do not even make money claims. They just state that you can be rewarded for taking surveys.

They do not send junk

Legitimate survey sites will not send spam to you. The will send occasional news or website updates, payments, and you poll invitations but they won’t send spam to you. When you look past a survey site’s privacy policy or FAQs page, you should have the ability to learn about their spam coverage.

They don’t sell your information

A legitimate survey website will store your information secure and will not sell it. Then examine their privacy policy if you want to know your information is used by a survey website.

They supply contact info

You should be able to reach someone if you require support or have some sort of inquiry. Survey websites that are legitimate provide contact information.

They only manage paid surveys

Occasionally, you may be paid to take surveys but when you become a part, you find out that you could complete offers, subscribe to trials, watch videos, and so on.